Vendition Sales Society

What is Vendition Sales Society?

VSS is a national collegiate sales club for college students interested in learning about sales and/or considering a job in sales. VSS provides sales training, networking events, and job opportunities for students.

Why would I join VSS?

Joining Cal Poly VSS and completing the VSS Collegiate Sales Certification (CSC) is a great way to be proactive remotely and valuable to add to your resume/speak about during interviews regardless of being set on a career in sales! Many Marketing executives have started their careers in sales and 15% of Fortune 500 CEOs started in sales as well.

There are over 30 VSS chapters nationwide and we focus on sales training, networking, and job opportunities. By joining VSS, you receive:

  • Exclusive access to online sales training courses
  • Access to software training tutorials such as Salesforce
  • Opportunity to gain real-world cold calling experience
  • Networking opportunities with mentors, sales leaders, hiring managers, and college students from other universities
  • Opportunity to attend the VSS Collegiate Sales Conference
  • Early access to internships and full-time job opportunities
  • First priority for full-time sales jobs offered to graduating Seniors

What’s the plan for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Regular meetings per chapter and nation-wide with sales leaders in all industries
  • Opportunity to complete Collegiate Sales Certification (details in attached pdf)
  • Virtual VSS Conference on April 23, 2021
  • Early access to sales internships for summer of 2021

How do I join VSS?

At Cal Poly, VSS is part of AMA and you can sign up here!

Have Questions?

Feel free to slack Shannon Chau or email [email protected] if you have any questions.