Get Involved

Cal Poly AMA encourages members to get involved in many different ways. Students not only get to develop their professional and leadership skills, but also get the chance to put real world experience on their resumes. Especially for our new members, getting involved is a great way to meet other members and make an impact on our club. To learn more about getting involved, explore the links below.

Join us each Tuesday at 11:10-12 in room 03-111 for our weekly meeting for workshops and tips from our business leaders!

AMA general meeting

Join AMA today to start benefiting from the perks of being an official Cal Poly AMA member as well as a AMA National member!

AMA members talking

Our committees strengthen our member’s connections with one another and allow members to gain valuable experience.

Corporate Tours are an excellent way for AMA members to get a behind the scenes look into what a career in marketing may look like.