Account Executive

An account executive is a person who interacts directly with the local sponsors of AMA. They are in charge of keeping contact with their sponsor, reaching out to them, and keeping the sponsor up to date on things going on within the committee. 

An account executive also comes to every Sponsorship Committee meeting and meets periodically with their local sponsor, along with brainstorming and planning marketing events through the committee. They are superior leaders in AMA because they have a lot of responsibility in dealing with business owners while keeping a professional and friendly manner at all times. 

As account executives, they are the middleman between AMA and local sponsors, making them crucial to keep the Sponsorship Committee running smoothly. 

Alli DeGeorge
Alli DeGeorgePlanet Beach Account Executive
Chris Walden
Chris WaldenFattoush Account Executive
Esteban Sanchez
Esteban SanchezClub 24 Account Executive